Updated July 24, 2023

Lucky Penny Productions is seeking a diverse group of non-AEA performers for our 2023-2024 season of dramas and musicals. Shows that are already cast include “The Addams Family Musical” (September 2023), “The Revolutionists” (October/November 2023), "Saving Santa" (December 2023), “The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical” (December 2023), “Almost , Maine” (January/February 2024) and "The Real Housewives of Napa Valley (June 2024). 

We are still casting  “The Sound of Music" (March 2024) and “The Glass Menagerie” (April/May 2024). Callbacks will be held at later dates as needed to complete casting.  Please see breakdowns below for specific show casting information. 

WHEN: Please submit a virtual audition. Callbacks will follow. 

WHAT TO SUBMIT: Please submit the following via our AIRTABLE link below: · Your current Headshot or a recent photo of yourself · Your current Resume · A video link (with access given to if password protected) of either one song and one monologue, two songs or two monologues which showcase your talents. No accapella singing. If you have performed with Lucky Penny Productions before, you are not required to submit an audition video. We do however ask that you fill out an airtable form and upload a current headshot and resume for our files. 



Music by Richard Rodgers, Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II, Book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse.

Stage Direction by Taylor Bartolucci & Barry Martin 

Music Direction by Sherrill Peterson

Choreography by Staci Arriaga

Production Dates: March 8 – 31, 2024 

The final collaboration between Rodgers & Hammerstein was destined to become the world’s most beloved musical. Featuring a trove of cherished songs including “Climb Ev’ry Mountain,” “My Favorite Things,” “Do Re Mi,” “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” and the title number, "The Sound of Music" won the hearts of audiences worldwide, earning five Tony Awards and five Oscars. The inspirational story, based on the memoir of Maria Augusta von Trapp, follows an ebullient postulate who serves as a governess to the seven children of the imperious Caption von Trapp, bringing music and job to the household. But as the forces of Nazism take hold of Austria, Maria and the entire von Trapp family must make a moral decision.

Rehearsals will begin approx. on February 4, 2024. Typical rehearsal schedule is Sun-Thurs evenings and Saturday during the day when needed. Actors are only called when needed, and not for all rehearsals. The actual schedule will be determined once the show is cast.

NOTE: Days and Times on the conflict list can give a more detailed idea of ALL rehearsal days and times up to Opening Night. Use this for referencing and saving dates aside. You will find rehearsal dates and mark conflicts on the audition form.

This production is Non-Union, Volunteer, with daily meal and travel reimbursement provided.

*To submit for ADULT ROLES please email by SUNDAY AUGUST 13th. Please include the following:
- Headshot and resume,
- Introduction with your name and the role you are auditioning for,
- 1 32-bar song selection in the style of the show

*In person callbacks FOR ADULT ROLES will be held by invitation on SUNDAY, AUGUST 27th.
For questions, please contact

***To submit for YOUTH ROLES please email by NOVEMBER 19th with the following:
- Name and age of the child
- Role they are interested in
- Headshot and resume (or a close-up photo and a short description of their theatre experience)
ALL youth who submit will be invited to attend auditions on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2nd and/or SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3rd. They will be given specific materials to prepare sent via email on November 20th.

The roles of Maria Rainer, Max Detweiller and Liesl have been cast. All other roles available.

Youth roles ages listed are “stage age” – meaning, auditioners should appear around that age, but do not have to be that specific age to play that role.

Adult Roles:

Captain Georg von Trapp (Male Presenting, Age 35-45). Vocal Range: F#2/Gb2-D5
A retired Austrian naval captain. Polished, yet very military in the way he runs his live to repress his sadness over the death of his wife. Underneath, he is warm, understanding, and determined.

Elsa Schrader (Female Presenting, Age 35-45) Vocal Range: D4-F5
Sophisticated. Witty. Self-reliant. She is a baroness of wealth and aristocracy engaged in a romantic relationship with Captain von Trapp.

Mother Abbess (Female Presenting, Age 40-60) Vocal Range: B3-G#5/Ab5
Motherly, understanding, strong and authoritative, but kind.

Sister Berthe/Frau Schmidt (Female Presenting, Age Flexible) Vocal Range: C4-E5)
Berthe: Mistress of Novices, prudish, straight laced with a quick tongue. She is less tolerant than the other nuns. Schmidt: The housekeeper, stoic, very little personality. She does her job efficiently, but without affection. Strong and somewhat dominating.

Sister Margaretta (Female Presenting, Age Flexible) Vocal Range: B3-E5
Kind. Understanding. Concerned. As Mistress of Postulants, she is in charge of those seeking admission into a religious order, like Maria

Sister Sophia (Female Presenting, Age Flexible) Vocal Range: B3-E5
A rule follower who is also easy going, kind and sweet.

Franz (Male Presenting, Age 20s-40s)
The von Trapp butler, rather formal but not without spirit. He is very German and loyal to the Fascist cause.

Herr Zeller (Male Presenting, Age 20s-30s)
Stern and unsmiling, a typical Nazi official whose primary concern is to see that everyone toes the line.

Rolf Gruber (Male Presenting, Age Range 17-19) Vocal Range: C4-E5
Suitor to Liesl, telegram delivery boy, later Nazi sold. A very pleasant young man, somewhat aggressive but in a gentle way.

The Von Trapp Children:
(We will have 2 youth casts. Each cast will have at least 7 performances)

Friedrich (Male Presenting, Age 14) Vocal Range: C4-G5
Serious and proud, very much trying to be "the man" of the family.

Louisa (Female Presenting, Age 13) Vocal Range: C4-G5
Rebellious attitude, prankster, clever.

Kurt (Male Presenting, Age 10) Vocal Range: C4-G5 falsetto
Gentle and mischievous.

Brigitta (Female Presenting, Age 9) Vocal Range: C4-G5
Smart, observant, and a bit sassy.

Marta (Female Presenting, Age 7) Vocal Range: C4-G5
Very sweet, a bit shy, sincere and gentle.

Gretl (Female Presenting, Age 6) Vocal Range: C4-G5
The youngest, darling, sweet and fun.


Written by Tennessee Williams 

Stage Direction by Barry Martin 

Production Dates:  April 19-May 5, 2024  

 From her cramped St. Louis apartment, Amanda Wingfield dreams of her days as a Southern debutante while worrying about the future of her aimless son Tom and unmarried daughter Laura. With their father absent and the Great Depression in motion, the siblings find comfort in their foibles - alcohol, movies and writing for Tom, and a collection of glass animals for Laura - which only heightens Amanda’s anxiety. When a gentleman caller arrives for dinner, the Wingfield’s are flooded with hope. But it’s unclear if his presence will change things for the better or shatter their fragile illusions. Rehearsals will begin approx on March 17, 2024. Typical rehearsal schedule is Mon-Thurs evenings and Sat and Sun during the day when needed.   

CHARACTER BREAKDOWN: All roles available. 

TOM WINGFIELD. Male identifying 24-35. The play's narrator recounts memories of his family to the audience. Languishing in a dead-end job in the shoe warehouse, Tom is a restless dreamer, torn between his responsibility to his family and chasing his desires. 

AMANDA WINGFIELD. Female identifying. 50-65. An ageing Southern belle clinging to her memories of a more genteel time and place. Deserted by her husband, she is left alone to care for her two children. 

LAURA WINGFIELD. Female identifying. 20s. Sensitive and painfully shy. A childhood illness has left her physically impaired. She seeks refuge from reality in an imaginary world of glass animals and old records. 

GENTLEMAN CALLER/JIM O’CONNOR. Male identifying. 25-35. A co-worker of Tom’s from the warehouse and a former classmate of Laura's. He is your average, every day, nice guy. He has an easygoing demeanor.