"the great american trailer park musical" - 10th anniversary revival image
In 2012, Lucky Penny brought this one-of-a-kind, blow-the-roof-off musical to the Napa Valley Playhouse in Napa. Now it’s time for a tenth anniversary revival starring much of the original cast! Break out your best Trailer Trash attire and get ready for the show the creators David Nehls and Betsy Kelso call “an all-American musical odyssey through agoraphobia, adultery, hysterical pregnancy, strippers, huffing, electric chairs, flan, roadkill, toll collecting, spray cheese, guns, and disco.” The gang from Stark, Florida’s ‘Armadillo Acres’ might be even more raunchy and hilarious 10 years later. It's sure to be Napa’s adult-oriented theatre event of the year.

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Mark Bradbury as Norbert
Juliana Bradbury as Jeannie
Taylor Bartolucci as Pippi
Daniela Innocenti-Beem as Betty
Shannon Rider as Lin
Kirstin Pieschke as Pickles
Skylar King as Duke

Director: Barry Martin
Music Director: Justin Pyne
Choreographer: Staci Arriaga
Stage Manager: Jeff Bristow
Scenic Designer: TBA
Lighting Designer: April George
Costume and Properties Designer: Taylor Bartolucci