Lucky Penny Community Arts Center overview

What is the Lucky Penny Community Arts Center?

Where is the Lucky Penny Community Arts Center and what facilities does it offer? 

CAC-map The CAC is located at 1758 Industrial Way, Suites 204-209. This is just off California Boulevard south of Trancas Street. 

Is it a theater in the traditional sense? No, we've set up shop in what was designed to be a light industrial area. Within the wide open spaces of this building, we have built a black box theater, rehearsal rooms,  and much more. With the rising cost of commercial space, it is this type of affordable location that makes financial sense for us. Neighbors in the area include dance studios, fitness and martial arts studios, a church, food services and more. 

As shown in the floor plan, the Center includes a performance area with theatrical lighting and sound and seating for 97 on raked risers; Studio A, a rehearsal room/dance studio; teaching rooms for one-on-one training, dressing rooms, a full-size lobby, and a scene construction shop with costume/properties storage area.

Why is the Lucky Penny Community Arts Center needed?

While the Napa area is blessed with a number of large, high-profile, historic performance venues (Lincoln Theater, the Napa Valley Opera House, Uptown Theater, Jarvis Conservatory) each of these venues has a limitation that makes it difficult for community arts groups to use. These limitations include high overhead and high rental costs; limited date availability; limited stage space or technical capabilities; business plans that do not facilitate a wide array of uses; and private, profit-oriented ownership/management. Facilities owned by public agencies (school districts, local government) are consistently unavailable to outside groups, come with strict usage limitations, or both. The Arts Center is the only small, unfussy, affordable facility in the City of Napa available to community theatre and music groups and schools that do not have their own performance facilities. The Center provides rehearsal space for local musicians, rental opportunities for local dance teachers, voice and instrumental teachers. The Center offers a collaborative solution for many of these local artists. 

Beyond the typical theatre, music, and dance pursuits, there is the potential to make space available for visual artists who lack studio space or a place to display their work.

The CAC will also be the home for the Lucky Penny's Napa Academy of Performing Arts, offering new educational opportunities for youth and adults. Courses will include acting, vocal performance and dance for theatre, technical theatre studies, writing for performance, improvisational acting, play readings with discussions and much more.

What can happen in the Lucky Penny Community Arts Center?

Because of the flexible design and an ample amount of space, there's a lot that can happen here. For example:

What would YOU do in the Commmunity Arts Center? What groups or individuals can benefit from it?

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